Sweden Forecasts Higher COVID-19 Cases in Coming Months

The Swedish Health Agency said on Monday that Sweden is likely to see an increase on COVID-19 infections in the coming months and that health protocols need to be maintained until a higher vaccination rate of adults is achieved. 

Sweden experienced only a few deaths and hospitalizations during the summer although it did not impose lockdowns and mostly relied on voluntary measures. However, according to the Health Agency, the trend shifted in recent weeks with rising cases which is expected to continue as schools reopen and people return to work. 

“All our three scenarios point to increased spread during the autumn,” the agency said in a statement. “More people are assumed to need hospital and intensive care, but at significantly lower levels than before during the pandemic.”

The health authorities said that current restrictions and recommendations, such as limiting physical interactions, isolating when sick and working from home, should be followed until more people receive immunization. 

In the meantime, authorities urged Swedes to remain on guard as the infectious Delta variant spreads rapidly.

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