Sri Lanka Starts Using Cardboard Coffins Amid COVID-19 Surge

A factory in Sri Langka’s Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia city assembled coffins using staples and glue as these will be utilized for those who have succumbed to COVID-19, according to Priyantha Sahabandu.

Sahabandu spearheaded the idea and said that the coffins are made of recycled paper and cost a sixth of the cheapest wooden casket. “To make 400 coffins, you have to cut 250 to 300 trees. To prevent that environmental destruction I proposed this concept to the health committee of the council,” he said.

Sahabandu added that an average of 400 people die per day in Sri Lanka due to various cases, one of them being COVID-19, and with its rapid spread in the country people found it difficult to pay for expensive coffins.

Each coffin is priced at 4,500 Sri Lankan rupees ($23) for cardboard ones, and it costs 30,000 rupees ($150) for the cheapest wooden casket. 

Sahabandu said, “The majority of the people in the country support this. The issue today is supplying it. We are working on that.”

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