Greece Asks European Union to Help Stop Afghan Migrant Influx

Greece Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis asked the European Union on Monday to help Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, in order to stop fleeing Afghans from entering Europe.

Recent events in Afghanistan caused fear in the European Union of a possible ‘repeat’ of the refugee crisis in 2015, where almost one million people fleeing the Middle East crossed the borders of Greece from Turkey before heading to the richer countries. 

Mitsotakis emphasized the importance for the European Union to “support the countries close to Afghanistan,” to make sure that there are no additional refugee and migration flows to Europe.” 

Mitsotakis disclosed talks with the Turkish President Erdogan pointing out their common interest in ensuring that mass migration will be limited to countries close to Afghanistan. 

On May 21, Greece said it has completed a 40-kilometer fence on its border with Turkey and installed a new surveillance system. 

“After the recent developments in Afghanistan, a new migration crisis that Europe is not able to shoulder must be avoided,’’ Mitsotakis said

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