Hungary Evacuates 173 People from Afghanistan

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that they have evacuated 173 people from Afghanistan aboard a plane that arrived in Budapest via Uzbekistan on Monday, August 23.

“We have brought out a large number of passengers at American and Austrian requests… In exchange we expect our allies, including the Americans, not to hinder people whom we want to evacuate from getting into Kabul airport,” Szijjarto told reporters. 

Szijjarto added that some people could not get into Kabul airport because of the U.S. troops and that the reason why was because a big crowd was “unacceptable”. 

The foreign ministry said that a significant part of the depopulated passengers was Hungarian and American nationals. 

Szijjarto thanked Uzbekistan for permitting Hungary to set up a site to assist with evacuations. 

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