British Militaruy Reports Seven More Fatalities in Kabul Airport Chaos

The British military said at least seven Afghans were killed during the Kabul airport chaos on Sunday.

The seven Afghans died from the stampede while thousands of people were trying to enter Kabul’s international airport, the British military reported.

The British military added that the deaths could have also been due to suffocation and heart attack as the Taliban fired into the air in an effort to stop the crowd from entering the airport.

“U.S. military planes do rapid, diving combat landings at the airport surrounded by Taliban fighters while other aircraft have shot off flares on takeoff to confuse possible heat-seeking missiles targeting the planes,” the Associated Press reported.

The Taliban blamed the United States for the chaotic evacuation of tens of thousands of Afghans and foreigners from Kabul, Aljazeera reported.

“America has failed to bring order to the airport. There is peace and calm all over the country, but there is chaos only at Kabul airport,” Taliban official Amir Khan Mutaqi said.

US President Joe Biden, when asked about the chaotic exit, said “hope is we will not have to extend,” adding “we’ll see what we can do,” when asked by foreign leaders to push back the deadline.

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