Australian Embassy Guards from Aghanistan Denied Visas

The Australian government has denied visas to a group of more than 100 Afghan contractors who guarded the Australian embassy in Kabul, saying that they contact a migration agent.

Afghan nationals who worked in Afghanistan with Australia but did not receive a visa for high-risk employees have been notified that they will be given priority in the broader group of 3,000 humanitarian sites.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) said in a letter that they were “not eligible for certification” under the At-Risk Afghan Employees Visa Scheme.

“Australia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has considered your application. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for certification under the visa policy,” the department said.

According to a DFAT, the guards had “previously been accepted for visas in another humanitarian category,” but campaigners claim the guards were not told.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison earlier said that the government was taking a cautious approach, particularly about the ex-Afghanistan staff.

“There are people who worked with us, people who worked with us five or six years ago, and what they have been doing in that intervening period is an unknown,” he told ABC News.

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