Russia Offers to Fly Afghan Refugees out of the Country

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that Russia is willing to fly out Afghans from Afghanistan to settle in other countries.

“To prevent an aggravation of humanitarian problems in Afghanistan, we are ready to offer Russian civil aviation services to take any number of Afghan citizens to any countries that show an interest in accepting and accommodating them,” Zakharova said.

Zakharova also said that the Taliban takeover is a reality that the entire global community should take into account when managing ties with Afghanistan and that the group is showing a tendency towards dialogue and will be ready to address the Afghan’s interests.

However, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman did not elaborate details if Russia will be welcoming Afghan refugees itself.

Recently, thousands of Afghans desperate to flee the country flocked to Kabul’s airport minutes after the region fell under the Taliban rule earlier this week.

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