Facebook Aims to Become ‘Water Positive’ by 2030

Facebook has pledged on Thursday to become a “water positive” company by 2030, seeking to restore more water than it consumes by its global operations.

“The climate crisis demands urgent action from all of us. At Facebook, we’ve invested in renewable energy and committed to reaching net-zero emissions across our value chain in 2030,” said Facebook.

Facebook reported that it used 3.8 million cubic meters of water a year in 2020. The water that the company consumes is from cooling the banks of computers that run its data centers and they are often located in water-stressed regions like Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.

Facebook said it aimed to achieve the target via a combination of water restoration efforts alongside technologies to increase water efficiency at its facilities.

New efforts by Facebook would focus on areas where local water is mostly used and in high-risk places with water supply shortages. 

Facebook also corroborated with trusted local environmental nonprofits and utility providers to identify projects that would have the biggest impacts on communities.

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