Doctors Kidnapped From Haiti Hospital Amid Earthquake Relief Efforts

Haiti officials said that two doctors who have been treating earthquake victims from the Southern region had been kidnapped.

The kidnappings on Tuesday and Wednesday delivered a severe setback to efforts to curb criminal violence, which has harmed disaster relief efforts in Port-au-Prince.

In response to the kidnappings in the said city, one hospital network has proclaimed a two-day closure. The hospital will not accept patients except for emergencies on Thursday and Friday.

The abduction of one doctor resulted in the death of a pregnant woman and her unborn child after the pregnant woman, who had extremely high blood pressure, was unable to reach a hospital in time for life-saving cesarean surgery.

“It’s unacceptable,” said Dr. Ronald Laroche, the founder of DASH, a network of eight private hospitals and clinics that operate in the capital. 

“Kidnapping is one thing. But the fact that the mother and child died is unacceptable,” Laroche stressed.

According to Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency, the number of deaths from the earthquake has increased to 2,189, while 12,268 were injured.

Meanwhile, Serge Chery, head of civil defense for the Southern Province, said that an estimate of 300 people were still missing.

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