Two Women Killed in Indiana Automotive Factory Shooting

A gunman killed two women outside a central Indiana automotive factory on Aug. 18, the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office said.

The shooting occurred in the parking lot of the NHK Seating of America plant in Frankfort, about 45 miles north of Indianapolis, at around 4:15 p.m. local time during a shift change at the factory, according to the authorities.

Clinton County Sheriff Richard Kelly identified the victims as 62-year-old Pamela Sled and her 21-year-old granddaughter Promise Mays, who both worked for the factory and were arriving for their evening shift when they were fatally shot.

Kelly also identified the alleged shooter as another employee of the factory — 26-year-old Gary C. Ferrell, who had finished his day shift before opening fire.

Police apprehended Ferrell shortly after he crashed a blue Ford in an attempt to flee from the scene, Kelly said.

“We were able to get him stopped within probably 45 seconds to a minute of him leaving the facility,” Kelly said at the press briefing.

Ferrell, who is uninjured from the crash, remains in police custody pending charges.

Police said the motive for the shooting is unknown.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing and police advised the public to avoid the area.

NHK, which manufactures seats and seating parts for vehicles, stopped production for the day after the shooting.

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