Netherlands Afghan Evacuation Plane Leaves Without Dutch Citizens

The first Dutch evacuation flight since the Taliban took control of Kabul left Kabul without a single Dutch or Afghan national on board after passengers were stopped by United States soldiers.

Two charter aircraft from the Netherlands were planned to arrive in Kabul earlier this week. Still, both were canceled due to risky landing conditions following the Taliban’s control of the country.

On Tuesday, another military plane could not land in Afghanistan because “local priority was given to flying in enhanced security.”

“The Netherlands is doing everything it can to facilitate the evacuation of people from Afghanistan,” the foreign ministry said.

“Several steps have been taken to this end in recent days, but the security situation in Kabul is fragile.”

Meanwhile, foreign minister Sigrid Kaag said that plenty of Afghan and Dutch people are outside the airport entrance, and they weren’t placed on board.

“Many people were there with their children, with their families. They were there at the entrance of the airport. It’s terrible,” Kaag said.

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