Malaysia Flashfloods Kill 3 People, 4 Missing

A recent heavy downpour in Kedah, Malaysia, left three people dead and four missing as flash floods and landslides hit several villages and residential areas near the Gunung Jerai mountain in Yan district on Wednesday evening.

Local authorities and volunteers started search-and-rescue operations Wednesday afternoon but have not yet located the four people who were reported missing.

“Many areas were severely affected and homes were damaged due to the rainfall. There are victims still trapped in their respective homes,” the state authorities reported.

The disaster management committee said that the heavy floods also affected three districts with COVID-19 patients.

Rescue efforts continued to evacuate residents, including COVID-19 patients, to a safer location.

Earlier today, the government declared Yan and Kuala Muda districts as level one disaster areas.

The government also promised that it would do its best to do whatever is necessary to restore the lives of the people affected by the floods.

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