T-Mobile Confirms Data Breach Exposes Personal Information of More Than 47.8M Million Customers

T-Mobile revealed on Wednesday that an investigation has been launched after discovering that the personal information, including social security numbers and driver’s license information, of more than 47.8M million current, former or prospective customers of the company had been leaked to hackers in a recent data breach.

According to the mobile telecommunication giant, the breach has also compromised the private data of as many as 7.8 million postpaid customers.

In a statement, the company also confirmed that the names, phone numbers and account PINs of nearly 850,000 active T-Mobile prepaid customers have been exposed. It then reassured that it has proactively reset the PINs of the compromised accounts as a security precaution.

T-Mobile also said that the PINs or names of the customers of Metro by T-Mobile, former Sprint prepaid, or Boost were not exposed.

The company immediately rolled out the investigation into the massive data breach two days after Canadian-American magazine Vice reported that hackers were offering the private data of T-Mobile customers for sale on the dark web.

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