Hong Kong Police Arrest Four Students for Alleged Terrorist Activities

The National Security Police of Hong Kong arrested four undergraduate students studying in the University of Hong Kong on Wednesday morning due to a suspicion that they were advocating terrorism.

The police source said that the arrestees are: union president Charles Kwok Wing-ho, student union council chairman Kinson Cheung King-sang, Anthony Yung Chung-hei, external vice chairman of the Arts Association, and a student’s residential hall association, Chris Todorovski Shing-hang.

The suspects were among more than 30 students who convened a meeting last month and mourned a man who stabbed a policeman before killing himself. 

The police came to a decision that the four had spoken in a meeting held last July 7, based on the CCTV footage which was seized during a raid. 

According to Senior Superintendent Steve Li Kwai-wah of the National Security Department, some of the students in the video paid a silent tribute to the man for being a “martyr” and “courageous”.

For now, Li said that their investigations will continue to “clarify their roles” so that the students can go back to their learning lives as soon as possible.

Article 27 of the Hong Kong national security law states that anyone convicted of terrorism faces a mandatory sentence of between five to 10 years.

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