France Opens Vaccine Pop-up Centers

France started setting up pop-up centers in highly visible locations, immediately accommodating around the country to accommodate a large number of people and in order to accelerate their vaccination campaign numbers.

The Red Cross had already vaccinated over 10,000 people at the walk-in pop-up centers since June and accommodated and accommodated everyone including those who do not have legal papers or valid government IDs.

Seine-Saint-Denis, the poorest region in France, struggled with the roll out of the vaccines as most of its population are immigrants who don’t speak French or don’t have access to proper medical care. 

Seine-Saint-Denis had recorded the top number of deaths when COVID-19 spread in the country.

Le Bourget Mayor Jean-Baptiste Borsali said that the walk-in centers have been a “game changer” to the working class who head to their jobs for long hours and will be unable to line up to large facilities just to get jabbed. 

Fontaine explained that this is a more local approach in which people who need it the most will have easy access to it and that the goal is to bring the vaccine to people who would “fall through the cracks of the system”.  He said, “We don’t turn away anyone here.”

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