Undersea Volcanic Eruption Creates New Japanese Island

The Japanese Coast Guard has announced on Monday that a new island was created from an underwater volcanic eruption last Friday, about 745 mi (1,200 km) south of Tokyo.

The volcanic eruption formed the island in the Pacific Ocean about 50 km south of Minami Ioto, the southernmost island of the Ogasawara group.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency has issued warnings about smoke and large ash deposits in nearby waters as an active eruption is expected to continue.

The coast guard discovered the island during observation from the air of its eruption.

The new island is crescent-shaped and has a diameter of about 1km.

Similar islands had formed in 1904, 1914, and 1986 in the area but all disappeared due to erosion. Japan’s Meteorological Agency said that if volcanic activity and lava flows continue with the newest island, it is possible that a more durable island could eventually be formed.

Authorities reported that the new island could be added to the nation’s territory if it remains above the ocean’s surface. The addition of an island in that region would likely not affect territorial waters or the country’s economic zone.

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