Israel Requests International Aid for Recent Mount Carmel Blaze

Israel requested international aid as a massive wildfire raged in the mountains west of Jerusalem which forced hundreds to evacuate their homes as clouds of smoke flowed over the city.

In a press release on Monday evening, Fire Chief Inspector General Dedi Simchi said that the fire is similar to the 2010 Mount Carmel fire that killed 44 people and claimed that it was a “huge achievement” that only a few houses flared up and no casualties had been reported.

Israel has requested aid from Mediterranean neighbors from Greece and Cyprus to help combat the wildfire’s aftermath. 

Israeli Foreign Minister Yaid Lapid reached out to his Greek counterpart, Nikos Dendias, who said that his country will help however it can while Cyprus Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides agreed to send planes and firefighters. 

The Foreign Ministry of Israel has also requested assistance from Italy, Jordan, France, and other countries with the help of the Homeland Security Ministry.

The fire spread fast because of strong winds and sweltering heat and remained uncontrolled as of Monday afternoon. 

The Jerusalem Fire Department, along with proximate forces, deployed 70 troops to help put out the fires.

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