Indian Embassy Begins Complete Evacuation from Kabul

India has evacuated its entire embassy — including its ambassador on Tuesday amid escalating tensions in Afghanistan.

Earlier in the day, a particular Indian Air Force plane carrying 130 diplomats and roughly 20 Indians stuck in Afghanistan landed in Jamnagar.

It is the second time India’s mission in Kabul has been evacuated since 1996, both times after the Taliban took power.

“Your welcome has an impact on all of us. Thanks to the Indian Air Force who flew us out under conditions that are not normal,” Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan Rudrendra Tandon told reporters shortly after the special flight landed in Gujarat’s Jamnagar.

“You cannot imagine how great it is to be back home. After two weeks of intense work and a very complicated situation, the whole mission is happy that it is finally over. We are back home safely, securely, without any accidents or harm to any of our people. We were a very large mission with 192 personnel, evacuated from Afghanistan literally within a period of three days in a very orderly fashion in two phases,” he added.

Thousands of Afghans who wanted to flee flocked to Kabul’s airport on Monday after Taliban forces marched unchallenged into the city, prompting the US to halt evacuations.

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