US Security Personnel Shoot and Kill Two Armed Men at Kabul Airport

U.S. troops have shot and killed two armed men at Kabul’s international airport who allegedly breached the security perimeter while air operations were suspended after Afghan citizens flooded the tarmac.

There were no other details on the identities of the two men and why they were shot.

US officials explained that the troops deployed in the airport reserved the right of self-defense, and will use lethal force if the Taliban or anyone else interfered with the evacuations or threatened the safety of American citizens.

Currently, Kabul airport is flooded with refugees inside and out while US personnel are struggling to keep evacuations on track.

There were already confirmed reports that three Afghans have died after falling from a C-17 plane that took off after latching themselves to the wheel.

The US military has temporarily suspended air operations while personnel are still struggling to clear the runways to ensure that planes could land and take off safely.

“We are asking people, in an orderly way, when their flight is called,. And again, this is not going to be just a free-for-all. It can’t be, for security reasons,” said deputy national security adviser Jon Finer.

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