Suspected Anthrax Outbreak Reported in Shanxi, China

Shanxi health authorities reported that anthrax was allegedly detected from nine people who were involved in breeding and selling cattle in the region.

According to national broadcaster China Central Television, local health authorities from Shanxi reported that the symptoms experienced by those who were reportedly infected by the disease include experiencing papules on limbs, edema, and swollen lymph nodes.

Among the nine people, four are already getting medical care in Taiyuan, two of whom have already been discharged from the hospital, and five of them are in the village hospital, undergoing isolated treatments. The places visited by the patients were subjected to disinfection measures while their close contacts were observed for possible infection.

Anthrax is an infection caused by Bacillus anthracis. It is usually transmitted from animals. Bacillus anthracis is able to thrive in different environments due to its ability to withstand different temperatures.

The disease is widespread among sheeps and cattles, which can be contracted by humans if treating sick animals. It can cause sickness in both humans and animals, and is deadly if not treated timely and accordingly.

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