Spanish Government Criticized over Moroccan Child Deportations

Human rights organizations have condemned Spain’s deportation of hundreds of unaccompanied minors to Morocco, calling the deportations unconstitutional and demanding an urgent halt to the practice.

According to Amnesty International spokesperson Angel Gonzalo, the deportation began on Friday and continued on Saturday.

Reports said that the groups of minors from Ceuta were being transported across the border in vans.

The interior ministry has yet to make an official announcement on the repatriations and has not to reply to requests for comment or confirm the number of children affected.

Gonzalo said they have written to the Ministry of Interior are requesting more openness and an end to the deportations, which “violate international law.”

“We are writing to the Ministry of Interior asking them to stop these expulsions immediately and asking for transparency over their actions,” he said.

Meanwhile, Save the Children has urged Spanish officials to analyze each child’s needs rather than deporting them all at once. 

According to the information gathered, nearly a quarter of the migrant children interviewed in Ceuta had experienced maltreatment in their home country.

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