Afghan Jet Shot Down in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan’s Defense Ministry reported that their air-defense system has intercepted an Afghan military plane that illegally crossed the air border.

“Uzbekistan’s air defense forces prevented an attempt by an Afghan military aircraft to illegally cross Uzbekistan’s border,” said defense ministry spokesman Bahrom Zulfikorov. 

The jet reportedly crashed in Uzbekistan’s southernmost Surxondaryo province after it was shot down.

The ministry later reported that the jet’s occupants have ejected before the plane crashed into the ground.

Footage and photos circulated on social media showing a man in military uniform on the ground surrounded by Uzbek troops.

The Termez branch of the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Aid said that the two pilots survived but are in serious condition. 

There is no information yet on why the jet crossed into Uzbekistan and it was assumed that it was felling the Taliban takeover. 

Another Afghan military planed flew into Tajikistan and landed at an airport in its southwestern city of Bokhtar after it sent out a distress call. 

The plane was reportedly carrying at least 100 Afghan troops but it is still not confirmed if they were escaping. 

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