US Detects 911 Cases of Lambda Variant

The United States has detected 911 local cases of the Lambda  COVID-19 variant.

According to GISAID data, the Lambda variety is estimated to have originated in South America between November and December 2020, and has since spread to nations throughout Europe, North America, and a few more isolated cases in Asia.

The World Health Organization has classified Lambda as a “variant of interest,” as opposed to Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta strains, which have all been designated as a “variant of concern,” or VOC.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published little information on the Lambda variant but it was able to conclude that the mRNA vaccine is thought to effectively neutralize the Lambda variant.

Meanwhile, physicians are advising patients to be completely vaccinated in order to reduce the severity of sickness if they become infected with COVID-19 and its variations. 

Vaccines have been proven in studies to be successful in decreasing COVID-19 fatal outcomes and a booster shot may be even more effective, prompting the Food and Drug Administration to explore administering third vaccination doses to patients with weakened immune systems.

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