Turkish Police Arrest Syrian Refugee Attackers

The Turkish police have detained on Thursday 76 suspects who attacked houses, cars, and businesses reportedly owned by Syrian refugees in the capital Ankara.

The anti-migrant protesters attacked Syrian properties in Turkey’s capital after a Turkish teenager was killed in a fight with a group of refugees from Syria.

A hundreds-strong mob took to the streets of Ankara’s Altindag neighborhood late Wednesday, throwing stones at Syrian refugees’ homes, ransacking some shops, and chanting anti-Syrian slogans.

The violence erupted after a quarrel between locals and a refugee group turned into a street fight, killing 18-year-old Emirhan Yalcin on late Tuesday after being stabbed to death.

Authorities have arrested two foreign nationals accused of “intentional homicide” after the event.

Ankara authorities restored order after several hours and urged citizens not to pay attention to “provocative statements and messages” online.

Police evacuated some Syrians from the neighborhood by bus.

The United Nations estimated that Turkey currently hosts the largest number of refugees worldwide including more than three million Syrians.

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