Labor Unions Call for Strict Enforcement of Spain’s New Riders Law

Labor unions in Spain are calling for strict enforcement, and inspections of delivery companies after a new law requiring food delivery companies to hire riders and drivers as employees rather than freelancers took effect on Thursday.

Spain’s Trade Union Confederation said the so-called Riders Law would “put an end to the labor fraud that workers in this sector have suffered for too long.”

According to the confederation, the labor ministry and inspectors shall monitor, evaluate, and report on conformity with the legislation.

Under the new law, food delivery riders are classified as employees of the internet platforms on which they work, rather than self-employed. It is expected that 30,000 people are covered.

Meanwhile, Riders For Rights, a gig economy union, said that despite the soaring temperature in many parts of Spain, workers had not been offered to have any protection of extra pay.

“Companies will continue to fail to comply with the legislation,” the union said.

“As long as it is cheaper for them to pay fines than to hire us, this fraud will persist. They do not understand laws and legislations,” it added.

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