Former Myanmar Junta Chief Catches COVID-19

Myanmar’s former dictator and Junta leader Than Shwe and his wife were admitted to a military hospital in Naypyitaw after they were diagnosed with COVID-19.

Than and his wife were both reportedly vaccinated and in good health but were admitted to a military-owned medical facility several days ago in Thaik Chaung “to have close medical attention in case they have been infected with COVID-19.”

“They are at the hospital lest they should contract COVID at home, as [some] vaccinated people have become infected,” said an unnamed official.

Than ruled Myanmar under a military dictatorship and was the former leader of the junta from 1992 to 2011.

Meanwhile, thousands of Burmese citizens are also suffering from the latest COVID-19 outbreak and are struggling to find proper medical aid and vaccinations. 

Myanmar’s COVID response almost collapsed after the Feb 1 coup after health workers protested the take over while some were targeted by the junta for opposing them.

The junta has also been accused of hoarding much-needed oxygen supplies from ordinary citizens last month. 

The junta has rolled out its vaccination drive but still failed to keep up with the national average of nearly 300 deaths a day.

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