German Police Arrest British Man for Allegedly Spying for Russia

German police arrested a British embassy worker after allegedly passing documents to the Russian intelligence service in exchange for an “unknown amount” of cash, authorities said on Wednesday.

In a statement, federal prosecutors said that the suspect, named only as David S., was arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia after allegedly forwarding documents to a representative of the Russian intelligence service “on at least one occasion” while working at the British Embassy in Berlin.

“The accused received cash in an as yet unknown amount in return for his transmission of information,” the Office of the Federal Prosecutor said in a press release.

The British man has been suspected of working for a foreign secret service since November 2020.

“The arrest is the result of joint investigations by German and British authorities,” the office added.

In a separate statement, the Metropolitan Police said that the suspect was arrested in Potsdam outside Berlin on Tuesday, adding that his home and workplace have been searched by the authorities.

“Primacy for the investigation remains with German authorities,” the police said on Wednesday.

The prosecutor’s office said that the suspect is scheduled to be brought “before the investigating judge of the Federal Court of Justice” later on Wednesday.

The court will be the one assigned to open the warrant for him and decide on the execution of his pre-trial detention.

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