German Nurse Switches Vaccines with Saline, 9,000 People Affected

Nearly 9,000 people will need another COVID-19 shot after a German nurse injected people in northern Germany with a saline or saltwater solution.

Authorities in northern Germany called on thousands of people to get another shot of COVID-19 after the investigation revealed that a nurse might have switched the vaccine doses.

Police investigator Peter Beer said there was “a reasonable suspicion of danger based on witness statements.”

Reports said that all affected people were over 70 and vaccinated at the same location in Schortens-Roffhausen.

According to authorities, the nurse’s motive was unclear, but she had expressed skepticism about immunizations in social media posts.

It was unclear whether the suspect had been apprehended or charged in the case, reportedly handed over to a particular team investigating politically motivated crimes.

About 57 percent of the German population is vaccinated against COVID-19.

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