Mexican Cartel Threatens TV News Anchor

Alleged members of the  Jalisco New Generation cartel (CJNG) have circulated a video threatening Milenio Television and anchor Azucena Uresti for “unfair coverage.”

The video showed a masked man surrounded by other masked men reading their statement against Uresti over news coverage of Michoacán.

“Azucena Uresti, wherever you are, I’ll get you, and I will make you eat your words, even if they accuse me of femicide, because you do not know me: Rubén Oseguera Cervantes. I am not a debt collector or extortionist, nor am I a kidnapper,” said the masked man. 

The masked man however defended that they are not against freedom of expression, but is against whoever attacks them directly.

The masked man also accused rival cartel leaders of being kidnappers and debt collectors and pretending to be self-defense groups who bribe the media. 

It was unclear if the person reading the message was Cervantes, aka “El Mencho,” the leader of the CJNG. 

Milenio Television and Uresti have not commented on the video yet while the president’s spokesperson, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, said they will guarantee protection for journalists.

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