Chinese Officials Punished for Delta Outbreak

The Chinese government has punished several officials for failing to curb the nationwide COVID-19 outbreak which skyrocketed to nearly 900 symptomatic infections in less than a month.

Chinese state media Global times reported that more than 30 officials across the country, ranging from mayors and local health directors to the heads of hospitals and airports, have been sanctioned for mismanaging the crisis. 

In Yangzhou, five officials received warnings for mishandling mass testing and were blamed for the spread of COVID-19 and lead to more than 300 local cases. 

On Tuesday alone, 143 new nationwide cases topped Monday’s (Aug 9) 125 cases bringing China’s total cases to 93,969 infections since the outbreak began. 

Most of the new cases were in the eastern province of Jiangsu and the central province of Henan and were attributed to the Delta strain. 

Chinese health officials said they expected to bring the ongoing outbreak under control in two to three weeks if proper containment measures are implemented. 

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