North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Orders Military to Start Relief Campaign in Flood-Hit Areas

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered the military to carry out relief work in areas recently hit by floods brought by heavy rains, state media reported on Aug. 8.

The South Hamgyong Provincial Military Commission of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea held a meeting last Aug. 5 to discuss damage and recovery from the disaster, the KCNA reported.

According to KCNA, Kim did not attend the meeting, but party officials conveyed his message of mobilizing relief work and provide necessary supplies in the affected region.

“Upon receiving the news about damage by downpour in the province, the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un specified the direction and ways for recovery from damage several times and took measures for providing materials urgently needed for it,” KCNA reported.

KCNA added that Kim “called for awakening and arousing the officials of the city and county Party committees and Party organizations into waging the recovery campaign skillfully and unyieldingly.”

According to KCNA, the officials at the meeting also organized a damage recovery commanding team and discussed emergency measures “to promptly stabilize the living of people in the disaster-hit areas, further tightening emergency epidemic prevention work and minimizing the damage to crops.”

KCNA did not specify the extent of damage caused by the heavy rains, however, state-run KCTV reported earlier this week that the heavy downpour damaged over 1,000 homes and forced 5,000 people to evacuate.

Footage from KCTV showed floods reaching up to the roofs of houses, as well as damaged bridges and railroads in the South Hamgyong province.

The disaster comes amid food and economic crisis in the country.

Last June, Kim said that the country faced a “tense” food situation as the agricultural sector had failed to meet its targets due to the typhoons that caused flooding.

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