Colombian Navy Seizes 2 Tons of Cocaine from Mini Sub

The Colombian navy reported that they have seized more than two tons of cocaine valued at around $68 million from a small narco sub intercepted off the coast of Nariño in southwest Colombia.

“Upon inspection of the motor vessel, we found 102 bags with a total of 2 tonnes of cocaine,” said Colombian Rear-Admiral Orlando Cubillos, head of the Poseidon Taskforce in charge of naval anti-drug operations. 

Cubillos added that two Colombians and a foreigner were also onboard the sub who belonged to the Alfonso Cano affiliated western bloc group. 

Cubillos said that the suspects were handed over to the Judicial Police and the Technical Investigation Corps, CTI, of the Prosecutor’s Office to be processed. 

There is no information yet on where the cocaine shipment was bound for. 

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