Chanel Korea Apologizes for Customer Data Leak

Chanel’s South Korean subsidiary has apologized for a recent incident in which hackers stole personal information from clients.

According to a statement posted on the firm’s website on Sunday, the company realized last week that the personal information of some consumers in its database, including names, birth dates, phone numbers, and purchasing histories, had been compromised.

Following the incident, Chanel Korea stated that it has determined the root cause and banned the IP address responsible for the breach.

Customers whose information had been compromised were alerted by Chanel Korea through email and text messages and asked to come forward if they believed their information had been compromised as well.

When customers choose to enter Chanel Korea’s database, their names, phone numbers, and birth dates are gathered.

”Data security is an absolute priority for Chanel, and we have dedicated significant resources to ensure it undergoes constant monitoring and adjustment to immediately detect any malicious activities such as this incident,“ Chanel Korea said.

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