U.S. President Joe Biden Aims for 50% of New Vehicles to be Electric by 2030

United States President Joe Biden has signed an executive order on Thursday aimed at making half of all new vehicles zero emissions by 2030 and cutting pollution with new vehicle emission rules by 2026.

The 50% target, while non-binding and largely symbolic, was aimed to set federal expectations for automakers to rapidly make the transition from gas-burning cars and trucks to electric ones.

Ford and GM executives joined Biden in delivering the announcement at the White House, along with leaders from the United Auto Workers who are expected to support the projected target.

The executive order also proposed new rules to replace former President Donald Trump’s more relaxed tailpipe and emissions standards with stricter ones.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Transport are unveiling new fuel efficiency standards for vehicles to bolster pollution rules. 

The agency will be requiring new cars starting 2023 to emit 10% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to the previous year with further reductions of 5% a year mandated until 2026.

The rapid shift toward electric vehicles has raised concerns for U.S. autoworkers about more outsourcing of jobs overseas as the U.S. remains far behind Europe and Asia in building and buying electric cars.

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