Lake Oroville Hits Record Lows, Hydro Plant Closed Down

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) reported that the Hyatt Powerplant at Lake Oroville has been shut down after water levels reached record lows.

This week alone, Lake Oroville reached the lowest levels since September 1977, measuring 643.5 feet above sea level at 10 a.m.

Department of Water Resources State Water project manager Molly White said last week that the Hyatt plant was expected to lose power generation capabilities in early August once the water levels are not high enough to turn hydropower turbines.

“This is just one of many unprecedented impacts we are experiencing in California as a result of our climate-induced drought,” added DWR Director Karla Nemeth.

The last time the Hyatt shut down was in 2015 when the Unit 1 turbine was shut down for refurbishment and during a spillway problem. 

Despite its impending shutdown, the Hyatt only provides about 1% of California’s peak statewide electricity demand and would not cause significant blackouts.

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