German Prosecutors Start Investigating Flood Negligence

German prosecutors announced that they had launched an investigation against Jürgen Pföhler, the head of the Ahrweiler district for his alleged negligence during the recent floods that left more than 180 people dead.

The prosecutors speculated that Ahr Valley residents were not warned early enough or clearly enough and that regional authorities such as Pföhler failed to get residents to safety.

In the Ahr Valley alone, 41 people died and more than 700 were injured on the night of July 14-15.

According to prosecutors, Pföhler was investigated because he had “sole decision-making authority” and was supposed to be responsible for the safety of the citizens.

Another individual is also under investigation but prosecutors have not disclosed any information except that he was a member of the crisis management team, who was in charge of the emergency operation during the flooding.

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