Australia Pledges $813M for Aboriginal Groups

The Australian government vowed on Thursday that it will provide 1.1 billion Australian dollars ($813 million) to address Indigenous disadvantage.

This includes the compensation to thousands of mixed-race children who were taken from their families over decades.

The most expensive component of the package targeted at improving Indigenous living standards in Australia is the AU$378.6 million ($279.7 million) set aside to pay the so-called Stolen Generations by 2026.

Mixed-race children who were under direct federal government control in the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, or Jervis Bay Territory will be eligible for compensation of up to AU$75,000 ($55,400) in a lump sum plus up to $AU7,000 ($5,200) in expenses such as psychological counseling.

Most members of the Stolen Generations had been under state government control when they were separated from their Indigenous mothers under decades of assimilation policies that ended as recently as the 1970s.

According to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the compensation is an acknowledgment of the pain inflicted by the forced removal of children from their families

“This is a long-called-for step recognizing the bond between healing, dignity, and the health and well-being of members of the Stolen Generations, their families, and their communities,” Morrisons said

“To say formally not just that we’re deeply sorry for what happened, but that we will take responsibility for it,” he added.

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