UK Government Names Companies Paying Less than Minimum Wage

The UK government has “named and shamed” almost 200 firms for violating minimum wage regulations after managers withheld over £2m.

Among those named were Waitrose & Partners, which underpaid over 20,000 employees by a total of 941,356 pounds ($1.31 million), or little less than 49 pounds per employee.

Next on the list was convenience store operator Martin McColl Retail Limited, which underpaid 4,366 employees by 258,048 pounds, and competitor One Stop Stores Limited, which failed to pay salaries to 2,631 employees by 56,505 pounds.

The government has banned identifying firms between 2018 and 2020 in response to complaints from businesses that they were unfairly penalized for failing to comply with ambiguous official guidelines.

Britain’s business ministry however said that it wants firms “identified and humiliated,” even if the errors were unintentional.

McColl defended that the underpayment was caused by errors in documenting staff working hours between 2015 and 2018, while One Stop claimed the underpayment was caused by a staff uniform policy violation between 2013 and 2017.

Most of the businesses that Britain’s business ministry named had committed relatively minor underpayments, while some, mainly in the social care or childcare sectors, had underpaid a small number of employees by more than 1,000 pounds apiece.

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