Investment Firm Vanguard to Pay Vaccinated Employees $1,000

Investment firm Vanguard Group Inc. is offering a $1,000 incentive to their US-based employees who get vaccinated by October.

Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that the offer will apply to staff who got vaccinated before the incentive was extended as well as to those who will get the shot between now and October.

“Vanguard recognizes vaccines are the best way to stop the spread of this virus and strongly encourages crew to be vaccinated… The incentive recognizes crew who have taken the time to protect themselves, each other, and our communities by being vaccinated,” said Charles Kurtz, a Vanguard spokesperson, in a statement shared with CNBC.

The program followed Vanguard’s decision to move to a hybrid model earlier this year, allowing most staff to work remotely on Mondays and Fridays.

Vanguard said that the incentive would only be offered to their 16,500 US-based employees due to various international labor laws. The firm has currently 53% of its employees fully vaccinated in the company’s home state of Pennsylvania.

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