Doctors Without Borders Closes Haiti Hospital Due to Escalating Violence

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has permanently closed its hospital in the Martissant Neighborhood at Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince due to rampant gang violence.

“Unable to guarantee the safety of its staff and patients, and wanting to draw attention to the unbearable situation in Martissant, MSF is forced to close its doors after 15 years of presence in the area,” said MSF.

The clinic has been in operation for 15 years and served at least 300,000 people including 33,000 gang violence victims alone last year. 

MSF said it would try to relocate its clinic elsewhere in Port-au-Prince after the police have been forced out of Martissant by warring gangs.

Last June, the MSF hospital has already been struck with gunfire but no staff was injured by gang violence so far.

Currently, MSF is evacuating its staff away from Martissant as gang warfare continues.

“MSF continues to call on armed actors in Haiti to respect the safety of health personnel, patients, equipment, and medical facilities; vehicles and ambulances must also be able to circulate safety,” said MSF.

Aside from the MSF, even Martissant residents have been forced to flee while most businesses have already been closed down or looted.

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