China Investigates Henan Flood Disaster

China has launched an investigation into the devastating floods that hit the central province of Henan on Monday, killing 302 people, more than three times the death toll reported last week.

The team will conduct a scientific, truthful, and thorough investigation and analysis of the disaster response to summarize lessons learned for the future, provide disaster mitigation advice, and penalize any suspected dereliction of duty.

According to the Henan authorities, the provincial capital of Zhengzhou was hammered by severe rain on July 17, which killed 292 people.

Henan officials said that of the 302, 189 were killed by floods and mudslides, collapsed buildings buried 54, and 39 were trapped in flooded basements, garages, and other underground locations.

Gov. Wang Kai said on Monday that the floods were a huge test that exposed governance flaws, vowing to learn from the calamity and strengthen flood control and urban management. 

Wang also offered his heartfelt condolences to the disaster’s victims and the rescue and flood-control workers who lost their lives.

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