Wuhan to Retest Entire Population After COVID Reemergence

Authorities of the Chinese city of Wuhan announced on Tuesday that they will start testing their entire population for COVID-19 after detecting a handful of new cases in the area.

The infectious coronavirus disease was first discovered in the central Chinese city in December 2019.

In a press conference, senior Wuhan official Li Tao said on Tuesday that Wuhan, a city that where about 11 million people reside, would have a “city-wide nucleic acid testing will be quickly launched for all people to fully screen out positive results and asymptomatic infections” to ensure the safety of the residents.

On Monday, authorities confirmed that eight new COVID-19 cases were recorded in Wuhan. These are the first cases that emerged in the city since mid-May 2020.

Officials said that the surging outbreaks and the fast-spreading of the virus in China in recent months were due to the highly contagious Delta variant and the domestic tourism season.

China has already detected 300 new cases in 10 days.

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