Belarusian NGO Head Goes Missing in Kiev, found Hanged

Ukrainian police reported that Vitaly Shishov, head of the Kyiv-based Belarusian House in Ukraine went missing after going for a morning run.

“We will investigate until there is information about what happened to him. The statement by his partner has been registered. The partner said that he went for a run and did not return, disappeared,” said a Ukrainian police spokesperson.

The BDU is a non-government organization that helps Belarusians trying to escape persecution and provides them accommodation, employment, and legal aid. 

Belarusian journalist Tadeusz Gizcan said that Shishov has been followed recently but did not say whom. 

A search was launched on his last whereabouts but only his phone was found and other personal items in the woods where he usually jogs.

According to his colleagues, Shishov’s phone made several calls but hung up after they were answered.

Shishov was later found dead hanging from a tree at an unnamed park but there were no signs that it was a suicide. 

“Belarusian citizen Vitaly Shishov, who disappeared yesterday in Kyiv, was found hanged today in one of Kyiv’s parks, not far from his place of residence,” said the police.

Ukrainian police have already opened an investigation under Article 115 (premeditated murder) and suspected that it might be a murder disguised as a suicide. 

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