Australian Labor Party Proposes $300 Vaccine Incentive

The Australian Labor Party proposed that citizens should receive a $300 cash incentive from the government for getting the coronavirus vaccine.

The proposed system would be means-blind, which means that regardless of how affluent someone is, they would still receive the $300 payment.

Finance Minister Simon Birmingham remarked that the proposal is “unnecessary and unlikely to work”.

Birmingham even added that it was “insulting” to other Australians who were already getting vaccinated even without the incentives.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese was quick to defend his proposal, urging the Coalition to quit prioritizing politics over Australia’s pandemic recovery.

Albanese also noted that Australia was falling behind the rest of the globe in terms of vaccination rates.

Fewer than 20% of Australians aged 16 and above have been fully vaccinated.

Following the national cabinet on Friday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that this figure would need to more than quadruple to 70% before the country could move away from lockdowns and other restrictions.

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