US Begins Emergency Airlift of Afghan Allies

The United States has started its emergency airlifts for Afghans who worked for the US government despite unfinished visa processes, amidst Taliban threats.

Officials said only Afghans who are in the final stages of the visa process are eligible for the emergency evacuation, The Guardian reported.

This after the US government received the first 200 Afghans who worked as interpreters to the country on Friday, among the 2,500 expected to be resettled in the US.

According to JC Hendrickson, senior director for policy and advocacy at the International Rescue Committee (IRC), supporting the arrivals of Afghan nationals on special immigrant visas (SIVs), they expect at least 3,000 arrivals on the emergency flights.

“It’s a big step in the right direction, supporting people whose lives are at risk because of their affiliation with the United States,” Hendrickson said.

“There are tools that the US government can deploy outside of this specific (SIV) process. And we think it’s urgently necessary that they do so,” Hendrickson added.

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