Mass Protests Held in France Against Vaccine Passport

French protesters have filled the streets of Paris, Nice, Montpellier, Nantes, Strasbourg, Reims, Toulouse, Marseille, and many more cities across France to protest vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations after earlier mass demonstrations last Bastille day.

According to the French Interior Ministry, more than 200,000 people joined demonstrations this weekend to protest the proposed mandatory health pass which would bar unvaccinated citizens from entering hospitals, public places, and private businesses.

Most of the protests were reportedly peaceful but some clashes broke out in front of the Moulin Rouge nightclub in northern Paris which left several people injured.

To prevent the situation from escalating, police deployed tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters. 

Paris police reported that three of their officers were injured after some protesters started throwing projectiles.

There are no official reports yet on how many protesters were injured but a video that circulated social media purportedly showing a protester with a bleeding head. 

In Marseille, some protesters destroyed a COVID testing tent while shouting “assassins” and “collaborators.”

Aside from France, protests were also held against vaccine passports in neighbouring Switzerland and Italy but on a smaller scale.  

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