Anti-Vaccine Pass Protests Held in Germany, 600 Arrested

Thousands of protesters have gathered in Berlin on Sunday opposing the German government’s anti-coronavirus efforts, despite a ban on public gatherings, resulting in clash with police and the arrest of 600 protestors.

According to Berlin police spokesman Thilo Cablitz, currently there were 600 people who were detained.

The Berlin police department has sent almost 2,000 officers to try to disperse the rallies, but officers who attempted to steer protestors or disband larger groupings were “harassed and attacked.”

“They tried to break through the police cordon and pull out our colleagues,” Berlin police said.

Cablitz said that more than ten police officers were hurt. To prevent protesters from moving around and forming larger groups, police had to compel demonstrators to disperse and block city streets and squares.

Cablitz has estimated that the total number of demonstrators who went out into the streets of Berlin on Sunday was over 5,000.

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