PM Imran Khan Rejects Claim That Pakistan Aiding Taliban

Prime Minister Imran Khan has rejected the claims of a report that fighters from Pakistan are helping the Taliban against the Afghan government.

“This is absolute nonsense,” Khan said in an interview with PBS NewsHour on Wednesday.

“Why don’t they give us evidence of this? When they say that Pakistan gave safe havens, sanctuaries to Taliban, where are these safe havens?” the prime minister also said.

Khan also said that the country has suffered loss of lives, affecting its economy when it joined the United States’ ‘war on terror.’

“We do not have the capacity to have any more fighting within our borders, any terrorism within our country,” Khan also said.

“When we were in the height of that war on terror, which Pakistan joined, there were suicide bombs taking place all over the country. The businesses collapsed, tourism collapsed. So what we do not want to be is part of any conflict,” the prime minister held.

Khan has maintained that the best solution for Afghanistan’s political crisis is a government that is inclusive.

“This is the best outcome. There is no other outcome because the military solution has failed,” Khan said.

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