Australian Army Deployed to Enforce Sydney Lockdown

The Australian government has deployed its army to Sydney to help enforce an extended Covid lockdown.

At least 300 troops will undergo training over the weekend before joining the police on Monday to help ensure residents are following the lockdown until at least 28 August.

NSW Police Minister David Elliott said the troops were necessary because some people thought “the rules didn’t apply to them”.

“It will be imminent to see the 300 soldiers on the street. It’s no different to what we saw in Melbourne last year where the police worked hand in glove with the military to ensure they could have that intelligence-based compliance checks done quickly and swiftly,”  said Elliot. 

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said the deployment would double their logistics. 

The Australian Lawyers Alliance, however, said that the deployment was “concerning use” of armed forces in a liberal democracy.

Cumberland Mayor Steve Christou added that deploying troops was an extreme measure and a sign the state government had “lost complete control” of the outbreak. 

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