UN: Myanmar Could Become Super Spreader State

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar Tom Andrews had warned that Myanmar could be a super spreader state, as Covid-19 infections spike amidst political turmoil.

“Myanmar is becoming a super-spreader of Covid-19 with these very virulent variants – Delta and other forms of the disease, [which are] extremely dangerous, extremely lethal, extremely contagious,” Andrews told The Guardian in an interview.

“It’s just a fact that Covid does not respect nationalities or borders or ideologies or political parties. It’s an equal opportunities killer. This is a region that is susceptible to even greater suffering as a result of Myanmar becoming a super-spreader state,” he also said.

Andrews on Tuesday has called on the Security Council and member states to push for a “COVID Ceasefire” urgently demanding the military government to cease all attacks especially against health care workers, as the country reported 4,629 Covid-19 deaths since June 1.

In a separate statement released by the UN, Andrews said member states must not be complacent as the military regime continues its attacks against medical workers while Covid-19 infections continue to increase.

“They must act to end this violence so that doctors and nurses can provide life-saving care and international organisations can help deliver vaccinations and related medical care,” Andrews said.

The military has initiated more than 260 attacks against medical workers and facilities which has killed more than 18 people, as military crackdown against civilians have placed the death toll at 931, the UN reported.

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